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Welcome to Samba Pixel. This site provides an overview of Samba TV Pixel on various ad servers.



This page provides an overview of Samba TV Pixel on various ad servers.


This document will help you as a publisher to implement our pixel for the purposes of research on your upcoming campaign.


Samba TV is a TV analytics and research company that connects digital and television media exposures to create a full view of household viewership behavior. Our partners leverage Samba’s technology to gain meaningful insight around tune-in, online purchases, and audiences.

Samba TV’s pixel is a standard image pixel tracking impression, inclusive of:

  • HTTP headers;
  • Basic placement level data; and
  • Mobile Ad ID (if allowed).

Our pixels can be appended to virtually any placement that is able to be tracked via a 1x1 tracker.

Supported Ad Services

  • CM(Campaign Manager);
  • DV360(Display & Video 360);
  • GAM(Google Ad Manager);
  • Sizmek;
  • Innovid;
  • Freewheel; and more.


If your server of choice is not listed here, or if you use a custom or proprietary server please reach out to [email protected] and provide the below macros IF supported.

Required Information

In order for us to facilitate your requirements, please provide the macros your ad server supports, such as:

  • Creative ID
  • Placement/Line Item ID
  • Device ID (If allowed: please note in app placement representation may be impacted with out this parameter)


  1. If needed, wrap the pixel in the below image wrapper.
    <img src="PIXEL HERE" width="1" height="1" style="display: none;"/>
  2. Place the pixel first in the event-firing order, in order to ensure optimal data collection.
  3. Provide a test page, with the pixel implementation, in order for us to confirm the pixel is firing correctly.

Start of Campaign Procedure

We will reach out periodically to request your first party data, to ensure the pixel is tracking is functional, and your flight is represented as accurately as possible. Reports will include the following first party data from launch through current date:

  • Placement ID or Line Item ID(DFP) and name
  • Creative ID and name
  • Date
  • Impressions

End of Campaign Procedure

You need to provide reporting for the entire campaign. We will need the below data points:


Aggregated by placement. No daily breakouts in your report

  • Placement ID or Line Item ID (DFP)
  • Placement Name
  • Creative ID
  • Creative Name
  • Impressions
  • Targeting Tactics (if applicable)

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This page provides an overview of Samba TV Pixel on various ad servers.

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